Volunteer Program

Do you love the great outdoors, want to see forests flourish, and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty ? If so, tree planting might be the right volunteer program for you. One tree at a time, you can grow new forests and help restore areas that have been affected by deforestation -- which, sadly, occurs in much of the world. There are a variety of different and worthy program types in which you can volunteer.

Tree planting volunteer placements involve many different responsibilities, depending on the program you choose and the region’s needs. Your responsibilities could including working in a tree nursery, educating communities on sustainable farming practices, working with wildlife rescue teams, or helping with reforestation and planting trees. Tree planting programs often overlap with poverty reduction and general community development initiatives, as well.

Whatever you end up choosing, having the desire to save the planet is a commendable goal, especially when an estimated 18 million acres of forest are being cleared each year.

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